July 2019

Benefits of ERP

What are the Uses of ERP? Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are used by organizations looking to manage their business functions within a centralized and integrated system. ERP is commonly used by companies working within the supply chain to help keep track of all the moving parts of manufacturing and distribution. However, ERP can be utilized by a number of different industries including those in healthcare, nonprofit groups, construction, and… Read More »Benefits of ERP

Companies are Moving to the Cloud: Benefits of Cloud Migration

There are many problems that moving to the cloud can solve. Here are some typical scenarios that will benefit from cloud migration. You need to reduce operational costs while increasing the effectiveness of IT processes. Your clients require fast application implementation and deployment and thus want to focus more on development while reducing infrastructure overhead. Your clients want to expand their business geographically, but you suspect that setting up a multi-region infrastructure – with all… Read More »Companies are Moving to the Cloud: Benefits of Cloud Migration