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ERPNext Asset Management (Purchasing an Asset)

For purchasing a new asset: Create an Asset Category Create an related Item with ‘Is Fixed Asset’ enabled for creating the asset. You may also enable ‘Auto Create Assets on Purchase’ for creating assets automatically. (Optional) Then, the purchase cycle should be followed for purchasing an asset. Enter the Asset Location in the Items table of the Purchase Receipt or Purchase Invoice through which you are receiving the item. On submission of a Purchase Receipt, based… Read More »ERPNext Asset Management (Purchasing an Asset)

ERPNext Asset Management (Asset Lifecycle)

An Asset is any valuable Item owned by a Company. Examples of Assets include furniture, computers, mobile phones, printers, cars, etc. Assets may be leased to be used by the employees of a Company. In ERPNext, the Asset record is the heart of fixed asset management. All the transactions related to an Asset like purchasing, sales, depreciation, scrapping, movement, or maintenance will be managed against the Asset record. To access… Read More »ERPNext Asset Management (Asset Lifecycle)

Effortless Asset Maintenance With #1 Open Source Asset Management Software

ERPNext makes asset management painless — from purchase to perishment, IT infrastructure to equipment. Cover every branch of your organization, all in one centralized system. Use ample features jam-packed in a single tool to manage assets better.     Asset Lifecycle Look here for all information about assets in one place. Created after purchasing or receiving an asset, the asset lifecycle includes every answer you might need — status of an… Read More »Effortless Asset Maintenance With #1 Open Source Asset Management Software

ERPNext 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0 release

A highlight of what’s new in ERPNext Version 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0. ERPNext v12.9.0 Release Note ERPNext version 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0 were released this week. Enhancements Pick List enhancements in Stock module: The purpose name for Delivery Against Sales Order has been changed to Delivery and will be patched for any existing records. If the purpose is “Delivery” then allow rows without Sales Order against them to be mapped to the… Read More »ERPNext 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0 release

Dolibarr Integration, Development- API & Hooks

Integrate your ERP with any other applications using Dolibarr APIs, Triggers or Hooks REST APIs Extract any data or push insert, update or delete record using our new REST APIs. Using standard HTTP and Json format, it is compatible with any language (PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, C#, C++, JavaScript, JQuery, Basic, …). Use the embedded APIs explorer tool to test APIs or get generated URLs to use in your own code. Triggers and Hooks Execute your own code,… Read More »Dolibarr Integration, Development- API & Hooks