ERPNext 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0 release

ERPNext Version 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0 Implementation Expert, Union Mercantile ERP configuration Expert, Union Mercantile Solutions

A highlight of what’s new in ERPNext Version 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0.

ERPNext v12.9.0 Release Note

ERPNext version 12.9.0 and Frappe Framework 12.6.0 were released this week.


  • Pick List enhancements in Stock module:
    • The purpose name for Delivery Against Sales Order has been changed to Delivery and will be patched for any existing records.
    • If the purpose is “Delivery” then allow rows without Sales Order against them to be mapped to the Delivery Note.
    • Update Current Stock button to update locations and quantity after Submit.
    • Validations if Item Locations table is empty (on creation of Delivery Note, Stock Entry).
    • Company-wise fetching of locations and quantity.
  • Payment allocation on Payment Entry based on invoice Payment Terms, this will reflect in the Accounts Receivable report.
  • Allow Tax Withholding Category selection at specific invoice level. Previously it was available only at Supplier level.
  • Enhanced Employee Leave Balance report, added new columns for New Allocation and Expired Leaves.
  • Tax Amount in Credit Note print format should be shown in positive.
  • On saving a Contact linked with a Lead, update the contact info from Contact into the Lead.
  • The Stock Balance report now has colors. Color coding depending on stock quantity and status.
  • Accounting Dimensions in Period Closing Voucher.
  • In BOM, allowed Price List in other than Company currency.
  • For India, multiple income tax slabs are introduced to comply with government regulations.


  • Account Type validation for accounts selected in Asset Category.
  • On change of item in sales and purchase transactions, UOM should be reset based on the item’s default UOM.
  • Target warehouse in Delivery Note and Sales Invoice should not be set based on user permission. Patch to fix affected records.
  • Budget validation against an Accounting Dimension was missing.
  • On change of qty in Stock Entry, the fields in base currency were not set for non-serialized items.
  • Payment request not able to make against fees
  • Cost Center renaming is allowed only from Cost Center form
  • Accounts Payable report showing the advance amount of other company
  • Item tax template set in the Item master is not fetched into the sales invoice and taxes are not shown in the offline pos.
  • Validate duplicate creation of expiry ledger entry for carry forward allocation and patch to remove duplicate ledgers.
  • In Repack entry, set rate for finished goods based on the cost of raw materials.

Frappe Framework Version 12.6.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed calculation of dates and values for Dashboard Charts.
  • Fixed and enhanced email thread system. New email threads were being created under certain situations.
  • Data Import Beta will now properly handle date/time imports.
  • Fixed Auto Repeat schedule date calculation for Daily and Weekly frequencies.
  • Fixed an issue of assignments getting reopened on close.
  • Fixed permission issue while creating new private files.
  • Fixed an issue where Print formats were not retaining customization.

UI/UX Enhancements

  • Introduced checkbox option to text editor’s toolbar, now tick items which are done in your to do lists and other areas
  • Now sidebar items for Web Form items will be accessible in mobile view
  • Arrow on select fields is now clickable
  • Made website footer stick to bottom even when there’s more or less content
  • Fixed the issue of Multi Select List field being rendered multiple times in dialog


  • Enabled two factor authentication for LDAP users, via email.


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