ERPNext for Education Institutes


A Student is a person who has enrolled at your institute and you have accepted their application. The Student doctype maintains detials like personal information, photo, date of birth, address etc. It also records the Guardian and sibling details.


Maintain a record of fees collected from students. The Fee Structure is fetched based on the selected Program and Academic Term. Student Details and detailed Fee Structure will be available in the fee module. You can get Paid amount and Outstanding Amount details also.

Course Schedule

Course Schedule is the schedule of a session conducted by an Instructor for a particular Course. You can see the overall course schedule in the Calendar view.


Every education institute organizes assessment / examination to evaluates progress of their Students. In ERPNext, you can manage complete assessment processing for your ERPNext account.

Student Attendance Tool

The Student Attendance tool allow you to bulk update the attendance for students based on Student Group and Course Schedule.

To mark the *Attedance based on Student Group select the group based on

  1. Batch
  2. Course
  3. Activity