ERPNext for Healthcare

ERPNext Healthcare modules helps you manage patients, appointments, consultations and lab tests along with billing and all the other ERPNext goodies


In ERPNext Healthcare, the Patient document corresponds any individual who is the recipient of healthcare services you provide. For every document ERPNext Healthcare, it is important to have a Patient associated with it. You can create a new Patient from

Healthcare > Masters > Patient > New Patient

ERPNext Healthcare

The Patient document holds most details that are required to identify and qualify a patient. You can enter as much information available while creating the Patient. All information in the patient document is presented on the Consultation screen for easy lookup and you can always update this information. Other data like observations, vital signs etc. are all linked to the Patient document. These could be recorded during patient encounters and will be available as part of the Patient Medical History.

Patient Appointment

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to book Patient appointments for any date and alert patients via Email or SMS. You can easily organize appointments for each Practitioner based on their availability schedules.

ERPNext Healthcare

You can create a Patient Appointment from,

Healthcare > Appointment Booking > Patient Appointment

You can book appointments for a registered Patient by searching for Patient by Patient ID, Name, Email or Mobile number. It is also possible to register a new Patient from the Appointment screen itself by selecting Create a new Patient in the Patient field.

Patient Encounter

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to record every encounter with patients through the Patient Encounter document. You can create a Patient Encounter based on a previously booked Appointment or directly by creating a new Patient Encounter

Healthcare > Patient Care > Patient Encounter

You can also create and record encounter details for a patient from Patient Appointment, the Patient Encounter or the Patient master documents by using the Create > Patient Encounter button. If creating a Patient Encounter manually, you can search for a Patient by name, email phone number etc. In the Patient Encounter document, all Patient related details will automatically be populated enabling easy access to relevant data. The Patient Details section will list the latest Vital Signs record of the patient and other information captured in the Patient screen. You can also look up the Patient Health History by using the View > Medical Record button.

ERPNext Healthcare


Encounter Impression section allows you to select (or create new) Complaints and your Diagnosis based on the presented complaints. You can opt to include the captured data in Patient Encounter print by selecting the “In Print” flag

Lab Test

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to manage a clinical laboratory efficiently by allowing you to enter Lab Tests and print or email test results, manage samples collected, create Invoice etc. ERPNext Healthcare comes pre-packed with some frequently ordered tests, you can reconfigure Lab Test Templates for each Test and its result format or create new one.

Once you have all necessary Lab Test Templates configured, you can start creating Lab Tests by selecting a Test Template every time you create a Test. To create a new Lab Test

Healthcare > Laboratory > Lab Test > New Lab Test

ERPNext Healthcare

It is also possible to use the Create Multiple option to create all the lab tests ordered / billed for a patient.

ERPNext Healthcare

You can select the Patient and then the Encounter or Invoice from which you need to pull the tests without having to open the Encounter / Sales Invoice to look up the orders.

ERPNext Healthcare

If the Lab Test Template has sample collection enabled, creating Lab Test will automatically create Sample Collection records.


Billing is an integral part of any undertaking and ERPNext Healthcare achieves this by making use of the Sales Invoice document in the ERPNext Accounts module.

The Healthcare domain links Patient document with Customer and all billable services like, Lab Tests, Clinical Procedures, Consulting Fees etc. with the Item document (with Maintain Stock set to false). You can set the links manually too.

The Sales Invoice already has the Get Items button which helps User to get a list of Items from other related documents. ERPNext Healthcare brings two more option here to fetch all un-billed services for a Patient as well as prescribed medications from Patient Encounter. This way, the billing user can fetch all billable services as well as medications without having to have access to the Patient Encounter or the Healthcare module itself.

ERPNext Healthcare

Note: All transactions of a Patient are booked against the Customer which it is linked to.