ERPNext for Non Profits

People who change the world need the tools to do it! The Non Profit Modules of ERPNext is designed for a non-profit organization, so that they can deliver well on their noble cause of a better world.

Here is what a member page of a non-profit would look like in ERPNext:


Manager Members, Donors, Voluteers and More

This is a centralized system, which maintains and updates all the activities related to an Organization.

This will track all activity related to Memberships, Chapters, Volunteer Management, Donor Management, Event and Grant etc.


Project Management

Project and task management with full integration with billing and cost centers. Manage all your projects with tasks, assignments and reminders and tracking expenses and billing too.

Financial Accounting

Track all things financial, including billings and payments with the ERPNext accounts module. Manage accounts, transactions and taxes easily with ERPNext.

Stock and Inventory

ERPNext stock module will help you manage inventory and procurement across warehouses. Inventory management with hierarchical location tree, stock movements, serials and batches.