ERPNext for Services

ERPNext is ideal for service organizations with a integrated projects and people management


A services business, which doesn’t have a tangible product to showcase their value needs to get many things right in order to stay afloat and grow in the industry. ERPNext helps services company effectively manage business aspects like projects management, customer support, sales, and purchase management to list a few.


Whether you have an accountant in your internal team OR you do it yourself OR you have chosen to outsource it, the financial accounting process is almost always at the center any business management system (aka an ERP system).

In ERPNext, your accounting operations consists of 3 main transactions:

  • Sales Invoice: The bills that you raise to your Customers for the products or services you provide.
  • Purchase Invoice: Bills that your Suppliers give you for their products or services.
  • Journal Entries: For accounting entries, like payments, credit and other types.

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) module covers the processes related to the HR department of a company. Most important feature here is processing the payroll by using Payroll Entry to generate Salary Slips. Most countries have complex tax rules stating which expenses the company can make on behalf of its Employees. There are a set of rules for the company to deduct taxes and social security from employee payroll. ERPNext accommodates all types of taxes and their calculation.


ERPNext helps you track business Opportunities from Leads and Customers, send them Quotations, and book Sales Orders.


Great customer support and maintenance is at the heart of any successful small business. With ERPNext you track all incoming customer requests and issues so that you can respond quickly. The database of incoming queries will also help you to identify the biggest opportunities for improvements.