About FrontAccounting ERP

FrontAccounting ERP is small business accounting software geared towards supporting the entire ERP chain, and is designed to support multiple ERP-centric operations including purchase and sales orders, accounts receivable and payable, and customer credits and invoices. The platform provides users with tools for managing items, inventory and stock, is equipped with fixed asset management tools, and assists with budget and General Ledger management processes.

Front Accounting Implementation in Bangladesh

The software supports sales processes by enabling users to define sales areas, types, groups and salesperson groups, manage customer accounts and branches, and preparing sales quotations, sales orders and customer invoices. Additionally, the platform records and defines stock items, categories and locations, exports, prints, emails and converts reports to PDF or MS Excel, and is designed with multi-user access with admin-defined privileges.

FrontAccounting ERP Key Features

  • Supports multi-currency bank accounts, customers and suppliers
  • Allows users to set re-order levels
  • General Ledger and journal entry functionality
  • Emails documents directly to customers
  • Attaches any relevant scanned documents to transactions