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ERPNext for Service (Other Features)

Project Management Manage internal and external projects with great efficiency. Bill your Customers for the employees you’ve sent to their site using Time sheets. Create and track tasks to keep the employees on their toes during an important/big project. Gantt Charts and Kanban help you track and visualize the tasks for a holistic view and easy reading. Service Level Agreement Offering quick and quality resolutions to incoming Issues is not… Read More »ERPNext for Service (Other Features)

ERPNext Service (Warranty Claim)

A Warranty Claim is when a Customer claims free repairs within the Warranty Period of the item/service you’re providing. If you are selling Items under warranty or if you have sold and extended service contract like the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC), your Customer may contact you about an issue or a break-down of the product and provide you the Serial No of this Item. To access the Warranty Claim list,… Read More »ERPNext Service (Warranty Claim)

ERPNext Service (Helpdesk)

Level up with realtime insights Configurable dashboards for you to streamline the support issues as per your business requirements. Real time insights help Identify bottlenecks in the service help desk and mitigate best practices faster. Omnichannel Interactions Don’t miss out support calls from your customers. With Call Popup, you can receive live notifications of incoming calls on your desktop. With email account configuration, you can convert emails received in your… Read More »ERPNext Service (Helpdesk)

ERPNext Service (Subscription)

If you offer a service that requires renewal in a certain time period (yearly, monthly, quarterly, etc.), you can use the Subscription feature in ERPNext to track them. The Subscription master captures all the details required for the auto-creation of Sales Invoice on subscription expiry. Let’s consider a use-case of ERPNext subscription itself. Our hosting plans are available on a yearly basis. Each Customer’s account has a subscription expiry date,… Read More »ERPNext Service (Subscription)

ERPNext Service (Campaign)

A Campaign is a full-scale implementation of a sales strategy to promote a product or service. This is done in a market segment of a particular geographical area to achieve specified objectives. To access Campaign, go to: Home > CRM > Settings > Campaign 1. How to Create a Campaign Go to the Campaign list, click on new. Enter a name for the campaign. Enter a description to describe what… Read More »ERPNext Service (Campaign)