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ERPNext Service (Customer)

Customer A customer, who is sometimes known as a client, buyer, or purchaser is the one who receives goods, services, products, or ideas, from a seller for a monetary consideration. Every customer needs to be assigned a unique id. Customer name itself can be the id or you can set a naming series for ids to be generated in Selling Settings. To access the Customer list, go to: Home >… Read More »ERPNext Service (Customer)

ERPNext For Services Industry

Exercise your services efficiently with our ERP Software for Services Industry Know your Leads and Customers, set up subscription plans for your services. Build rapport with regular Customers using a Loyalty Program. Manage and bill multiple projects, set up maintenance schedules and visits to run your services industry better. Enhance logistics in your Services business Running a Services business has its own challenges. One can argue that often it is… Read More »ERPNext For Services Industry

ERPNext Healthcare (Other Features)

Emails No need for engaging with messy email chains, email from your healthcare software itself! You can email your patients or their guardians with respect to their appointments, medication advice or follow-ups. Email is a text editor and allows you to attach documents in any format. When the recipient replies back to your email, the response is fetched directly in the email thread and this keeps all correspondence in one… Read More »ERPNext Healthcare (Other Features)

ERPNext Healthcare (Setting Up Pharmacy)

Medicines and Equipment Integrated inventory so that you have a real time view of the availability of products, managing stock levels in various locations with warehouses, stock transfers, and so on. Batched or serialized items – pick your take. Scanning bar-code via your device camera gives you blazing fast search through the hierarchy of your drugs, medicinal equipment’s, assets, and so on. ERPNext Healthcare do not have a Pharmacy module… Read More »ERPNext Healthcare (Setting Up Pharmacy)

ERPNext Healthcare (Clinical Procedure)

You can use this document to map all the clinical procedures, for example, wound cleaning or a cataract surgery. ERPNext allows you to preconfigure Clinical Procedure Templates, so that you do not have to set the default properties like the consumables every time you order a procedure. You can lookup and book Patient Appointment from the ordered procedures for a patient by using the Get Prescribed Procedures button available in Patient Appointment.… Read More »ERPNext Healthcare (Clinical Procedure)