Our Story

We analyse the data about the satisfaction of different software, ERP, Solutions, IT infrastructure of the various companies in Bangladesh and found out that the satisfaction rate is not quite sufficient and the root cause is the right solution for the right infrastructure. Most of the companies are investing a vast amount of money in their IT but end products and results still require much to be desired.

The solution is the right IT consultancy, We saved a noticeable amount of expenses of our internal customers by giving them the right product choice and consult them from choosing the absolutely right product for their need and support them till the end of the implementation life cycle.

Working as our customer’s IT face we not only choose the right product but also selected the best vendors, ¬†negotiate with them, plan with them and make things happen in the right way and we succeed. Those great customer satisfactory experiences helped us to start UMS by Union Mercantile Ltd where we can serve and do what we love to do for a bigger horizon.

Indeed maximum organization which in need of a right consultancy about IT to grow their business and UMS can optimize your current IT cost, UMS can direct about the right infrastructure, UMS team members are always connected with current and futuristic products globally, they research and deploy just to give you the best solutions. Call us for your need and you will be surprised. We are not only about the right product but also in the right direction.