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IT Hardware & CCTV Supply, Setup & Implementation by Union Mercantile Solutions
IT Hardware & CCTV Supply, Setup & Implementation

Union Mercantile Solutions collaborates with the industry's biggest names in IT technology to offer you quick and hassle-free business solutions which fit seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. We will recommend the best IT hardware in line with your requirements and negotiate the best prices through our channel of providers. Union Mercantile Solutions on-site installation team can smoothly install the hardware or software needed for your next project.

Managed IT Services by Union Mercantile Solutions
Managed IT Services

A managed IT service is an information technology task provided by UMS and delivered to you. UMS will be your own IT department and will deliver quality services for your benefit. Union Mercantile Solutions is an Information Technology company that is above all client oriented. We provide critical managed IT services to our clients by solving (providing solutions) their IT challenges. Because the IT environment is constantly changing, UMS is always evolving to provide the best available solutions and practices.

Software & Opensource ERP Solutions by Union Mercantile Solutions
Software Solutions

Union Mercantile Solutions specializes in solving diversity of software solutions for various industries - spanning different levels and requirements. Our team of software engineers and solutions architects ensure that our software solutions are 100% unique and matches the requirements of our clients seamlessly. UMS circumvent this problem by being designed with those specific requirements in mind, so there is no waste of time, money, or other resources.