Suite Commerce Advanced

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced for Unique Customer Experiences Across Devices

Customers today expect highly personalized shopping experiences, regardless of the channel or touchpoint. To stay competitive, companies now focusing on delivering true omnichannel shopping and service experiences across devices. While loyalty is a key factor, most companies lack the infrastructure to support this kind of customer experience. They require an infrastructure that unifies business applications and provides a single source of item, inventory, customer and order data to create seamless, channel-agnostic, and personalized experiences.

Netsuite Suite Commerce Advanced: Elevate Your Sales to New Heights

Union Mercantile Solutions, a leading Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advanced solutions provider, offers end-to-end implementation services and support to cater to varied requirements of organizations. With more than 40,000 organizations leveraging solutions across the globe, UMS delivers NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce Advanced solution that offers businesses fast and engaging web stores to deliver great shopping experiences optimized for any device. SuiteCommerce also provides core operational business systems—inventory and order management, marketing, customer support and financials—providing a single view of the customer, orders, inventory and other critical business data that enables personal and relevant omnichannel experiences.

NetsuiteSuite-Commerce-Advanced infographic

Figure 1: Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advanced capabilities

Solution Benefits

Our powerful Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advanced solution helps you enhance and create a unique shopping experience. Key benefits include:

  • Create relevant and personalized omnichannel shopping experiences across store, web and mobile channels.
  • Provide an optimized online experience on any device with responsive web design.
  • Expand your online business by selling through multiple brands, languages and currencies atop a single eCommerce platform.
  • Service any type of customer whether small or large, individual (B2C) or business (B2B)
  • Connect eCommerce directly to your operational business systems with a single cloud-based platform.