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Union Mercantile Ltd (UML) logo

Union Mercantile Ltd. (UML) a private limited company originally incorporated in England in 1960 was relocated in Bangladesh in 1974. Since its inception UML has been involved in many engineering construction works all over Bangladesh. UML has collaborated in several major turnkey projects in power system engineering & General Engineering projects with internationally renowned companies like GEC ALSTHOM of France, NEI Reyrolle of U.K., Bonar Cruickshank of U.K., Toyomenka Kaisha of Japan, C.N.C.C.C. of China, Technique Louis Menard of France, Foster wheeler of U.K. Snam Progetti, Mabey and Johnson, UK, and lately UML has been involved in many infrastructure and engineering projects with Bharat heavy electric of India, Larson and Tubro, India, Chengda Engineering, China, Siemens, Germany and Siemens, India to name a few.
Website: www.umlbd.net